The DoGES and Japanese Scholars in Joint Research within Mt Kenya Eco-system
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Wed, 2017-09-27 11:38


On 11thSeptember 2017, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at University of Nairobi hosted a team of six interdisciplinary scientists from a number of universities in Japan who are in Kenya for joint research in collaboration with University of Nairobi. The scientists were led by Prof. Kazuharu Mizuno (Kyoto University) and accompanied by Professor Sun Xiaogang (Nihon University), Prof WataruMorishima (Nihon University), Prof. Kotaro Yamagata (Joetsu University of Education) and Prof. Chiyuki Narama (Niigata University). The group is here to continue with on-going research on deglaciation in Mount Kenya and its environmental and social implications for the surrounding counties. The project is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and will run upto 2020. Dr. Francis Mwaurais representing the University of Nairobi together with Moses Ndaru and Mary Kageni who are undertaking their masters studies in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (MBNRM) and who are teaming up with YutaiOtani, a graduate student from Kyoto University.


The research team outside the Geography building

The group in a joint meeting

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